Perhaps the most beautiful “racing drone”. DJI FPV Combo on live photos

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Images of the next promising DJI drone have appeared on the Web. However, this time we are not talking about the standard consumer model, but about what many call a “racing drone” – a small, nimble and nimble model with four propellers and an FPV camera. The Combo designation means that the set with such a quadcopter will include an FPV system from a remote control and goggles.

Perhaps the most beautiful

If a standard FPV drone looks like a homemade drone, everything in a DJI device is very nice and okay. Then, questions arise about the strength of the structure, the availability of spare parts, and the possibility of repair. If not a full-fledged repair, then at least a simple replacement of the battery and 5-inch propellers.

Perhaps the most beautiful
Perhaps the most beautiful

According to the source, the FPV video signal delay is 28 ms, the video signal transmission range is up to 4 km. The glasses transmit an image with a resolution of 720P at a frequency of 120 fps, and the camera allows you to record Full HD video at a frequency of 60 fps (although the retail version does not exclude support for 4K mode at 60 fps). It also reported the use of 6S batteries and powerful electric motors in the device, thanks to which the drone can reach speeds of 150 km / h and a GPS receiver to provide the “return to home” function. There is no date for the announcement of new items yet.

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