Phantom Abyss download torrent For PC

Phantom Abyss download torrent For PC Phantom Abyss download torrent For PC

Phantom Abyss download torrent

Size: 1.37 GB | Seeds: 488 Lychees: 36

Phantom Abyss torrent download adventure arcade is for everyone who wants to test their logical thinking. Complete the game in one breath, exploring the fictional world and getting carried away in puzzles and mini-quests. This is a multiplayer game, but you can play alone. Look for useful items and complete action-packed missions, as well as additional quests.

Story line

The game Phantom Abyss has a rather interesting storyline, designed for multiplayer passage. Invite your friends and start completing missions together, getting carried away in a fantastic and exciting atmosphere. Explore the world around you, collecting a variety of items wherever you can. Keep in mind that it will only be very rosy and fun at first, but each location is fraught with dangers and deadly ups and downs. The world is procedurally generated, but open. Also, each player will have absolutely complete freedom of action, so you can not go through the game according to the scenario, but go on your own in search of solutions to puzzles. Items are hidden in dangerous and deadly zones. Look for them by exploring locations and try to survive, because the world is unpredictable and can prepare something very unexpected for you. Get relics, artifacts, look for auxiliary items and collect them in your inventory. Then use it when passing puzzles and open new locations. There are also quite a few secret territories, but due to procedural generation, they constantly change positions. The main character will have to explore the world, wandering through its unique locations and avoiding deadly traps. There are also enemies in the game. They can easily destroy you, so be extremely careful. Try not to fall at the hands of enemy units and survive overcoming the next obstacles. Please note that some locations allow you to visit them only once at a time. So when you enter the conditional temple of relics, and then exit, you will not get back. Have time to collect all the artifacts before leaving the huge building with a lot of dangers and enemies. Download the Phantom Abyss torrent and go through a very exciting game.

Game process

The game is multiplayer, up to 20 players can take part in one battle at the same time. Each character is unique in its own way, having a lot of skills and characteristics for development. Increase the capacity of your inventory to collect as many items as possible for future puzzles. Periodically, things will disappear and you will have to wait for them to appear, but in other places. All because of the procedural generation of locations. Collect as many items as possible and go through the game, getting carried away with interesting missions. Adventure puzzles will test your logical thinking and ingenuity. Also, for successful completion you will be given valuable items that can be used in future quests. Some objects increase the characteristics of the hero, allow you to perform tricks and combinations. This is protection from additional damage, and powerful blows, and magic, and so on. Unlock not only secret locations, but also the ability to collect items. Each character will have a separate place in the ranking of online achievements, which also brings many advantages.

Features Phantom Abyss

  • adventure puzzle;
  • interesting story;
  • additional missions;
  • research of territories;
  • opening secret locations;
  • collection of items and development of the hero;
  • multiplayer game for 20 people.

Download the Phantom Abyss torrent as you play through an exciting puzzle action game.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Video card: GTX 660
  • Hard Disk Memory: 5GB


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