Phasmophobia download torrent For PC

Phasmophobia download torrent For PC Phasmophobia download torrent For PC

Phasmophobia download torrent

Size: 5.08 GB | Seeds: 937 Lychees: 86

Phasmophobia download torrent survival horror action game from Kinetic Games. The game was released back in 2020, but in early access. Now users can play the full-blown version of it, covering all the interesting storytelling and exciting scenario that you will have to plunge into with your head. The game is entertaining and quite famous. And all because it supports virtual reality technology. Put on the VR glasses and immediately get involved in the passage.

Story line

The game is multiplayer. You will control one of the ghost hunters, exploring different locations and discovering paranormal phenomena. Usually 4 people participate in the passage, including you. This is called co-op mode. So gather your friends around you and start going through exciting missions together. An interesting detail: ghosts react to your communication in voice chat, so you should be careful before you say anything. Look for paranormal activity in any of the presented locations using the characters’ items. This is a classic flashlight, a thermometer, various devices for detecting the paranormal, and so on. As you progress, you can collect items right on the locations, if you think that they will help you win. Sometimes they can actually save the main characters by saving them from being attacked by ghosts. There are very aggressive ghosts, and there are friendly ones that are counted as bonus to you. There are 12 types of ghosts in total. Each of them is unique and special, with its own oddities and set of characteristics. As well as the main characters, of which there are 4. You choose one of the characters and use all the available abilities of the hero. Ghosts usually live in dark places and are invisible. Where they are present, the lights can turn off, the TV turn on, furniture move, etc. But these ghosts only scare the characters, and some of them can even attack. Communication takes place exclusively through voice chat, so be careful, because ghosts hear everything. If gamers scream at their teammates to escape, then ghosts may attack. And vice versa. In general, download the Phasmophobia torrent and go through the game with your friends.

Game process

The game is quite interesting and unusual. We haven’t come across anything like this yet. It is completely built on the cooperative mode and allows players to cooperate and fight against a large army of opponents. Interestingly, the main goal of each mission is not to capture a ghost. You don’t even have to destroy it. The main thing is not to let yourself and allies be destroyed, and also to find out all the information about a certain ghost. And only when you collect enough data about some antagonist, the game can end. To do this, collect various items, use the devices in your inventory, and constantly talk to your allies. After successfully completing each level, you will receive a certain set of rewards that will allow you to prepare for the next task. All locations here are gloomy and dark, but due to the high resolution of the graphics, the picture does not look gray.

Features of Phasmophobia

  • beautiful graphics;
  • excellent visualization;
  • high-quality level design;
  • cooperative game for four;
  • confrontation between people and ghosts;
  • a total of 12 different ghosts;
  • pumping characters, buying items.

Download the Phasmophobia torrent and invite your friends to fight ghosts on equal terms.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10 (x64 only)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 / AMD FX 8350
  • RAM: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics accelerator: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290
  • Free HDD space: 13 GB


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