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Phasmophobia: secrets and easter eggs

Recently, Phasmophobia experienced a new surge in popularity thanks to a well-designed in-game Halloween event full of new Easter eggs. Players have warmly received the new Camp Maple Leaf map, which for the first time in the game takes place primarily on the street, as well as new ghosts and an additional Nightmare difficulty level.

Although Easter eggs have been found in the game before, there are plenty of them on the new map: these are references to cult horror films like Friday the 13th and even Slenderman, well known to fans of horror games. Most likely, Phasmophobia hides many more secrets, but for now we invite you to take a look at those that seemed to us the most interesting and successfully implemented.

prison jokes

The Prison is one of the most expansive locations in the game, often confusing new players with its long hallways with little to no place to hide from the Ghost. There are two floors and two separate prison blocks, and therefore many people pass by interesting little things – the map is too big to pay enough attention to them at the same time and not get lost.

Judging by the Easter eggs that can be found here, the developers clearly like jokes with a play on words. Before entering the prison for the first time, pay attention to the sign with the name above the door: it says “NE More Penitentiary”, which sounds exactly like “Anymore Penitentiary” (you can try to translate it as “even more correction”). However, it is not known whether this is a reference to something specific, or if the developers just thought it was funny.

Another verbal easter egg awaits you in block B – above the cameras here is the code B-00, which can be read as “BOO” (Boo) – the sound associated with ghosts and horror stories. A very themed easter egg.

Bloody Mary, bloody Mary, bloody Mary

There is an old urban legend that you can summon a ghost by saying “Bloody Mary” three times while standing in front of a mirror in a dark room. In different variations of this legend, the summoning ritual may differ, but one detail – to look in the mirror and pronounce the name three times – remains unchanged.

This horror story has firmly established itself in Western culture, becoming an attribute of children’s and teenage sleepover gatherings, so it is not surprising that the developers of Phasmophobia decided to add a reference to it to the game. The game’s ability to recognize the player’s voice came in handy here.

As you know, the activity of ghosts can be influenced by saying certain phrases like “give us a sign”, “show yourself”, etc. It turns out that otherworldly forces can also be provoked by the phrase “Bloody Mary”, and it is not necessary to look in the mirror for this. In some cases, the phrase can even start the hunt, however, it is not only she who has this property – as it turned out, ghosts also do not like it when someone swears (in English). Such an unusual Easter egg in terms of implementation.

Please note that at the moment the game only accepts phrases in English, so to activate the Easter egg, you will need the phrase “Bloody Mary”, and not its Russian version. A complete list of phrases for communicating with ghosts can be found in our other article.

666, record of the beast

The number 666, called the number of the beast in the Bible, has become widespread in popular culture as an attribute of something supernatural, sinister, diabolical. There is even a song about him called “The Number of the Beast” by Iron Maiden. Not surprisingly, the game about paranormal activity turned out to be an Easter egg associated with these three numbers.

In the starting area, players can pass the time before loading the next game by practicing with the basketball hoop. A counter hangs directly above it, allowing you to track your progress, and it is here that the very Easter egg lurks. As soon as the 666th ball flies into the ring, thunder will rumble, and if you were not ready for this, the sound can even make you flinch in surprise.

Message from beyond

During the Halloween event, the starting area became dark, and players could find many messages from the ghosts in the room by shining a UV flashlight around. One of these messages turned out to be a very specific request for help: “I’m under the house. Help”.

Following the instructions of the ghost, the players went to the Maple Leaf Camp map in search of clues. And there was evidence – looking under the house from the side that is closest to the lake, one could see a corpse left by someone tied up, wrapped in a blood-soaked cloth.

The event ended, and the message disappeared from the wall, but the corpse remained where it was. Now it’s a reminder of Halloween for those who managed to find the body before it ended, and an easter egg for those who just started exploring the map.

The sinister symbol of the Blair Witch

One of the most obvious yet often overlooked easter eggs in Phasmophobia is a nod to the Blair Witch Project series of films and games. Often referred to as the most significant found-film horror film ever made, the first film (Blair Witch: Heading from the Other World) takes place in an ominous forest and the easter egg lurks in a very similar setting: Maple Leaf Camp. .

If you approach the fence next to the place where the fire pit is, on one of the pillars you can notice the symbol of the Blair Witch, made of wands. This ominous sign usually indicates the presence of some malevolent supernatural force nearby, or even the Witch herself. Of course, you will not meet her in the camp, but the chances of encountering an unfriendly cast are quite high. So the Easter egg fits perfectly into the forest setting of the map.

Jason’s return

Since we are talking about horror films, how can we not recall the famous Friday the 13th franchise. About the atrocities of Jason – a maniac in a hockey mask – several films were shot and even a game was made, and his image was firmly registered in popular culture, including in the form of numerous references. One of them can be found in Phasmophobia at the Maple Leaf camp – a very suitable place, considering that in the films the villain was also operating in the camp.

To see the Easter egg, you need to get to the pier on the lake. To do this, go straight ahead as soon as you enter the camp, reach the fence and turn right, then follow the wooden pier to its very end. Stand on the edge for a while and wait: bubbles will start to rise from the bottom, and the famous hockey mask will float with them. A well-executed reference that fans of the genre will appreciate, one of the best in the entire game.

Slenderman is watching you

There is at least one rare Easter egg in the game, which is not enough to find just by performing certain actions or visiting a certain place. When attentive players noticed it, it became an occasion for numerous discussions and theories.

We are talking about Slenderman, a mysterious character known from the 2012 game Slender: The Eight Pages, which also took place in the forest. His long thin limbs, sinister silhouette and empty face are well known not only to fans of the horror game genre – the character managed to become the hero of memes, and in 2018 even received his own film.

This is another great reference, notable for the fact that its appearance in the game world does not always happen – so if you spot Slenderman, consider yourself lucky, no matter how paradoxical it may sound. Discussing the easter egg on Reddit, the players came to the conclusion that he can appear in one of five places on the Camp map, with a probability of one in three, and will watch you, standing among the trees outside the map.

So the next time you go to the Maple Leaf, try to walk along the fence, peering into the darkness of the forest: it is quite possible that someone will be watching you at this moment.

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