Planet of Lana – platformer with a colorful world and mysterious environment

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Publisher Thunderful presented Planet of Lana at Summer Game Fest 2021. It is a mysterious platformer set on a planet that was once a Paradise for humans. Players will have to explore a colorful world with a small and faithful companion. The graphics are excellent, it seems like they were drawn by hand. At the same time, the environment is mysterious and often dangerous; it will allow you to cement some “bonds of friendship.”

Players will face huge mutant monsters, a bit like Limbo. Enemies-robots are not predictable, so you need to think on the go. The developers say that the focus is on our satellite. On the way you will meet puzzles of varying difficulty with unexpected turns. One must hide from enemies. During battles, you need to show lightning-fast reactions. History stretches across galaxies and centuries.

Planet of Lana will be released in 2022 on PC, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. There will be no Russian localization. You need Windows 10 to play.


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