Platformer, maze, cooking and other mini-games in Tower of Fantasy trailer

Hotta Studio has published a new trailer for the global version of Action RPG Tower of Fantasy, dedicated to mini-games. Adventure seekers will find many additional activities such as cooking, maze, platforming, fishing and much more.

“Not all Wanderers are on constant alert! If you’re looking for a more relaxing activity than restoring peace and order to the planet, try playing one of the many mini-games available in Hades! Wanderers looking to unwind after a long day can try their hand at fishing, cooking or surfing! Don’t forget to join the “Special Meals” event to get some cooking and fishing fun!” – says the description of the video.

The global version of Tower of Fantasy is currently in closed beta testing on PC and mobile devices running iOS and Android. The release date is still unknown.

Minigames Trailer | Tower Of Fantasy

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