Play Project: Arrival – A Game You Must Try

The Chinese action game Project: Arrival is going through the CBT stage in Canada. Already in its early version, the project surprises with its elaboration and shames many survivors, including the release version of Cyberpunk 2077. Let’s see.

The futuristic shooter Project: Arrival can now be launched not only for residents of Canada, but also for our readers who have read this article. Although the project has an “Asian” feel, the graphics are at the level of the previous generation consoles, and the gameplay is not inferior to other shooters. According to the plot, we must search for materials for survival and create weapons, plus deal with an alien threat. At the same time, you can admire the city of the future and the scripted scenes.

Shooting is carried out from the hip, while there is aiming and even a special ability that slows down time by cooldown. There is no auto-mode in the early stages, including auto-aiming. Mobs do not absorb a lot of damage, but it is better to deal with bosses together with friends. Again, all this is accompanied by all sorts of video inserts and dialogues with rather “live” character models. We will closely follow the project.

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