playable characters, echo system and open world

playable characters echo system and open world playable characters, echo system and open world

A journalist from the South Korean portal Inven visited the office of developers from Kuro Game and interviewed Mr. Dong, the designer of the Wuthering Waves action game under development. We have prepared a translation of this interview. Please note that names and titles may not match the final in-game translation.

When did you start working on the Wuthering Waves project?

The official development of the Wuthering Waves project started in early 2021. Since then, we have been constantly debugging and optimizing the game based on valuable user feedback received through various channels. In other words, we’ve been developing the game for about two years.

The name Wuthering Waves is quite impressive. What is the meaning of it?

The original Chinese name can be translated as “sound wave”. Although this name refers to a special phenomenon that occurs in the game, it also refers to the world itself. A lot of the game is related to this phenomenon, and as you explore the world, you will see many details and images of this phenomenon called “sound waves”.

There have been a lot of multi-platform open-world RPGs released lately. How is Wuthering Waves different from them?

Wuthering Waves is a new open world game universe. And we are working hard to make the game with realistic character hitboxes, colorful and cool action so that everyone can enjoy the combat system. At the same time, we added the “Echo” system, which allows players to absorb the power of monsters and use it in combat. Thus, the open world of Wuthering Waves will give players around the world a unique experience that they have never experienced before.

The main character and the first three characters have already been officially introduced. But what other characters are waiting in the wings? And how many characters can we expect at the test or at launch?

We haven’t decided on a specific number of characters yet, but it’s likely to be around 10 depending on their readiness and story needs. We will be releasing introductory bios for each character and look forward to feedback and user experience. To give you an idea of ​​what to expect, here are some of the characters we’re looking forward to:

  • “Kiyom” is the leader of the Demon Squad, who gained popularity with a cool special skill reminiscent of dragon climbing.
  • “Anko” is a black coast cutie who possesses “Shadow” and “Cloud”.

Each of the characters has its own personality and charm, so stay tuned.

I was impressed by the post-apocalyptic atmosphere in the first trailer. Could you tell us about the world of Wuthering Waves and what are the main areas that users will encounter?

We want to show a vast and diverse open world. And at this stage, the first zone that users will see will be the “Yellow Dragon”. And in the future, we plan to introduce and release more new cards.

You introduced the “Echo” system, which absorbs the forces of enemies after defeating them and uses them in battle. Will this system be available in content other than combat? And can you elaborate on how the Echo will be used in combat?

Currently, the “Echo” system is used mainly for combat and training. Enemies you absorb will be visible in your echo system. They can be equipped and changed as you wish. Players can choose “Echo” most suitable for the current situation, and use it as a skill during combat.

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I’m interested in learning about mobile optimization. What are the minimum and recommended requirements for mobile devices?

The gameplay on mobile devices is one of the most important moments for us. Therefore, the project team is constantly working on optimizing the performance of the mobile version to ensure a smooth experience on mobile devices. We’ve also optimized the touch controls for mobile devices to achieve a combat system that rivals the PC version. We will talk about the recommended characteristics later.

Players are showing great interest in the release date of the game. Will the release be simultaneous worldwide or will there be different release dates for different regions? Could you briefly comment on this issue?

We are working day and night to achieve a global simultaneous release so that users around the world can experience Wuthering Waves as soon as possible. In addition, the game will be translated into several languages.

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The community discussed the timed monster battle mode, which involved the developers. But how good are designers among developers? Who is the best in this business? Will we be able to enjoy the time trial on release or test?

The result of the developers actually depends on what kind of monster they are facing. Usually the one who designed this monster wins. In fact, when we design a monster, whoever created it from start to finish has tested and played with it tens of thousands of times, fine-tuning the details. Therefore, designers win the competition to kill the monster against the clock. (laughs)

We do not plan to introduce a rating system into this mode because we want people to have fun and enjoy the battles. But we will be very happy if you squeeze the maximum out of yourself and break records again and again. But we do not plan to introduce a rating system.

From the demonstration at the Tokyo Game Show to the first global closed test, many users have had the opportunity to play Wuthering Waves. How did they react to the game and what were the main responses you received? What did the players like and what would you like to improve in the future?

After the exhibition and the first test, we continued to receive feedback through various media and sources, and recorded all user feedback, among which we received a lot of positive feedback about the quality of the combat system and graphics, which gave us confidence.
Based on user feedback, we continue to make adjustments and improvements to the game’s story, scenes, and characters. We can’t reveal specific details at this stage, but the overall number of fixes we’re making is large enough that we’re looking forward to showing them off.

What results are you aiming for with Wuthering Wave? What do you want people to think about this game?
In short, we want everyone to enjoy playing Wuthering Wave like no other.

What would you like to say to the players who are waiting for the Wuthering Wave?

Dear wanderers, thank you for your support and for staying with us. We are working hard to get the game out as soon as possible, so please be patient. We strive to provide you with the best possible gaming experience, and will do our best to make it even better than you expect. We look forward to your continued support of the game and wish you all the best.

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