Played an early version of Metal Revolution on Android, the return of classic fighting games?

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Metal Revolution is a mobile fighting game that is very different from other arcade games in this genre. You see, we are completely in control of the character: attack, block, counterattack, and so on. With each hit, our robot shouts out something, which is very reminiscent of Street Fighter and Tekken. As if the developers remembered what it is – a real fighting game, only on mobile phones.

On top devices, you should expect 60 FPS, a smooth picture and good graphics for mobile phones. A little tip: for a bigger attack, you need to fill a combo. Each of the fighter has a unique model, as well as a fighting style. There are bears with UFC moves, boxers, kung fu masters, and so on. Battles pass quickly, especially if you gain an action scale and activate specials. welcome. There are no fatalities, and fighters vary in rarity.

An early version of Metal Revolution is already available on Android. This is a shareware project with microtransactions up to 6 199 rubles per item… An iOS version is coming later. Age rating “12+”.

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