NetEase has released an interesting Crossout-style project for mobile platforms – AstraCraft. Players can now collect a variety of killing machines on their mobiles. The project already can be noted for excellent optimization for weak Android devices and good graphics, which allows developers to advertise the game as widely as possible.

One, when starting from the emulator, we noticed oddities in the disappearance of pictures and models. In some cases, even entire locations stopped being rendered, so, likely, some devices may also experience problems.

The gameplay of AstraCraft is divided into two large parts: assembling your cars, mechs, and other destruction structures, and, in fact, fights in numerous combat modes, where you can show off your creations. Particularly intriguing are the details for the furs and the ability to assemble such machines. It is not yet clear whether it will be possible to make a competitive mech, but the presence of such an opportunity and the potential for conducting close combat seems very tempting.

Now, there is no intelligible melee combat with mechs in any mobile game. Even if such battles become available only in a separate mode, it could be a big step forward and encourage other companies to experiment. AstraCraft, on the other hand, seems to be successful without furs – an interesting presentation, the absence of worthy competitors in wide distribution, and a strong publisher behind its back. What else do you need to be successful?

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