Played CarX Rally – public hope for decent races or trash?

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We decided to give CarX Rally a try and understand how true the developers’ promises in the promo materials are and whether the game is worth spending your time on. The first thing that catches your eye is a terrible interface that has grown in the depths of superficial guides on how to create games because it is rather primitive and intuitively incomprehensible. Moreover, the screen sizes are not optimized for different screen sizes, and to combat this, the developers decided to add the ability to stretch the screen in width.

There are very few cars – about 15 pieces, but this is rather neutral information since you don’t have to expect many cars from a small studio for which you need to pay license vacation pay.

Now let’s move on to the races. We see disgusting “fans” sprites in an open field, without fenced tracks, which in this case will not see anything from the finish line anyway. Why it was necessary to add this game is not clear. The cars look adequate, but the environment seemed to burst into us from the beginning of the 2000s. However, the eyes do not bleed, so that it will do.

Of the minuses, one can note a tiny playing area, which is not delineated in any way, giving rise to a situation when you are forcibly stopped and loaded onto the track if you decide to cut through the woods. Moreover, the physics in the game is far from realistic and is somewhere on the Asphalt series level, although, of course, if there were trampolines in this game, then the cars jumped even harder.

The maps look pretty scanty, not only visually but also like a racing track. The most annoying thing is that the possible pleasure from the game completely kills the uncomfortable controls. However, the developers have shown that they can do something digestible in theory if they continue to work and bring the CarX Rally to a sane level.

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