Played EOS RED on Android: a complete Asian game that plays itself

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There are good mobile MMORPGs like Blade & Soul Revolution. There, the plot is revealed, and there are cut-scenes, and of activities above the roof. And then there is EOS RED; it is also an Asian MMO that has absorbed all the clichés of mobile online games. At the very beginning, we are led in training: poke there, poke here. Graphics at the level of the old Lineage and Perfect World; their mobile versions look better. Well, the gameplay is isometric, just like in Bless Mobile; by the way, they are going to close it in South Korea.

The character himself runs on quests and collects rewards. The interface is overflowing with icons, the text is small and on a low diagonal it will be difficult to play. From the pleasant, one can single out the music at the first locations: a quiet and calm symphony. It does not reach the level of The Legend of Zelda or Genshin Impact, but if you turn off other sound effects, then it will go for relaxation.

EOS RED is currently available in Asian countries on iOS and Android. This is a shareware project with microtransactions. There is no global release information.

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