Played Just Cause Mobile and somehow got upset

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Just Cause Mobile has hit smartphones in select countries. We managed to play it and now we will tell you what to expect from this project.

Publisher Square Enix has released Just Cause Mobile. This is not exactly what fans of the series could expect. At the start, we are given to choose the appearance of the character, and then a comic-style video insert begins. There is no Russian localization yet. After that, we are landed on a certain island where military operations are taking place. Moreover, you can fly with a parachute and admire the fog.

Next, we find ourselves in a jungle-style corridor location with military bases. The character is completely under our control, sometimes we are even allowed to sit on an armored vehicle or use the “Cat” hook for fast movement. I am glad that there are explosions around, although after that the burning objects simply disappear. In general, there is no freedom of action, we are given a task, they show an arrow and we must follow it along with our fellow bots.

At the time of this writing, the Just Caust Mobile score on Google Play is just over two stars out of five. There are few marks, so it’s too early to give up on the game. But one thing’s for sure – it’s not quite what fans of the series were expecting.

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