Played MMORPG Albion Online: Isometric Grind, But It’s Not Diablo Immortal

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If you’ve been waiting for Albion Online on smartphones, then in vain. This is not the best port on the PC version. Here is isometric gameplay, open economy and grind. From the very beginning, there are many action buttons on the screen, and the interface fills the floor of the screen. At the same time, the text is small, so do not try to run the game on small diagonals. Better for this case, a tablet is suitable. There is no involvement in the local plot: at the first location, people are sitting and coughing terribly near the fire. At the same time, NPCs speak English phrases with a huge reserve of optimism. The equipment has a rarity level, the first of which is “Inexperienced”.

Local battles are slow and not dynamic, the abilities do not have cool animations. The local branch of player leveling is a big hint of Path of Exile, where everyone is still swinging through the guides. The music in the second location is pleasant, it reminds us that we are in a medieval fantasy. There are a lot of heroes running around, but for some reason their every step echoes across the location, plus all of them have gray nicknames and nondescript models.

Albion Online is available through TapTap on Android. You shouldn’t give up on the game: the developers still have time before the release in the App Store and Google Play. But a lot of time has passed and the game does not stand out in any way among Asian MMORPGs or at least Warhammer: Odyssey.

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