Played Tencent’s Alchemy Stars gacha: colored attacks, elements and a tiny revolution in the genre

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Alchemy Stars is a strategy RPG from Tencent. It is also a gacha with anime girls who carry out your commands on the battlefield. Our task: to repel all waves of enemies, as well as to protect our waifu from death. The gameplay is interesting, at least at first. Each character is divided into several elements, which correspond to a certain color. If the hero runs over the same squares, then a combo is obtained. The strength of the attack depends on this; the maximum combo is 15. This does not happen often, but if you succeed, the characters will get one more turn.

Yes, heroes have a rarity level, just like in Genshin Impact. For completing tasks and quests, they give out materials that are spent on pumping waifu. There is a mode where we are given a fixed squad. There it is better to use abilities that either deal damage to enemies, or change the color of the squares for a larger combo. By the way, sometimes it’s nice to think in what order to run the same cells.

The conclusion is this: Alchemy Stars is not similar in its gameplay to the currently popular Asian gachas. At least this game managed to reach a global release (albeit with Japanese voice acting and without Russian). Nevertheless, under the skin of the revolution that Tencent promised us, there is a hungry wolf hiding in the face of loot boxes with beautiful animations and rare characters with cute voices.

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