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Played The Division Resurgence and looked at the changes

The Division Resurgence is an MMO shooter for smartphones from Ubisoft. The other day, OBT began for him, details with the installation file can be found in the previous news. Note that the developers have greatly improved the optimization – the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 remains warm around 43 degrees after an hour of gameplay.

The resolution of the picture has also become better – about 1440p on modern smartphones. Unfortunately, 60 FPS was never delivered. If you played the previous version, you will notice changes in the initial missions that act as tutorials; they run in about 50 minutes. It’s a pity that even on powerful devices, problems with FPS and sound begin when the player enters crowded places or where there are a lot of special effects.

To brighten up the pixelated picture and the poor rendering of objects in the distance in The Division Resurgence, the developers added “cinematic effect”, due to which a blur is added to objects in the distance, that is, a blur. Ubisoft also introduced the Dark Zone, where every man is for himself, but you can also get high-quality loot. Players can also participate in PvP.

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