Adventure gacha game Naruto: Slugfest X arrives on mobile Store TapTap and is actively tested in Asia. The game already has a page in Google play, so Western players will be able to join the game later, after the end of the Malaysia tests. Now you have to put up with constant sagging and teleports since the connection will constantly be lost and synchronized with the server’s position.

Judging by the main hub population in which we carry out quests Naruto: SlugfestX more like an MMORPG, since the players are in a single world, and the game contains automatic combat and automatic quests as in most MMORPGs in recent years.

Those who like to do everything with pens, dodges, and 5 skills can be used in battle. The main task of the player, as usual, will be collecting characters, pumping them and obtaining high-level equipment. Judging by the store, a donation will significantly facilitate and accelerate the development of your account.

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