Played the release version of Warhammer: Odyssey – has anything changed at all?

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The developers of Warhammer: Odyssey have finally released this MMORPG worldwide, and now queues have filled the Warhammer Fantasy universe. Alas, we can’t say that the game has changed since early access.

Now the player gets a completely linear corridor with the destruction of quest monsters, where it is necessary to stand in line or climb for luck, trying to strike the first blow because only in this case, kills are counted. The runs themselves from one point to another are quite long and tedious. Moreover, the developers did not consider it necessary to teach the player how to repair equipment or focus on the strength of the equipment, as a result of which the newcomer can get into an annoying situation – he ran to the necessary monster. Still, the equipment is broken, and it becomes quite difficult to kill the monster.

All this is aggravated by a clumsy damage registration system and teleport points that do not work until a certain moment. As a result, Warhammer: Odyssey can safely count on the award “the most boring start” of all time.

Of the advantages of the game, it would be possible to note the absence of auto quests and auto-battle, but the combat system is so poorly revealed that it is difficult to find a plus in this. This is such a controversial project. Let’s hope for an improvement in the situation for mid and lowheim.

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