Played Ultimate Truck Simulator: Truck Racing and Cargo Transportation on Android

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After the release of MudRunner Mobile smartphones, many ask the question: “Could there be something better than her?” Let’s take a look at the new Ultimate Truck Simulator. The first thing that catches your eye is simplicity. This applies to the interface, graphics, physics and other elements of the game. After choosing a tractor, we are immediately thrown into a middle-class city: this is not a metropolis, but you can’t call it a hinterland either. There are several missions in the city, you must first arrive there. They differ in the following types: time trial and cargo delivery. How much we get paid depends on the distance and hazard of the cargo.

There are few cars on the roads here, as well as hints of road lighting (as if it had just rained). If you want super realism in driving, then you are in the wrong place. In Truck Simulator, you can safely crash into other cars, cut corners, drive to a meeting, and so on. This is understandable: the city is empty, there are no traffic lights and no police officers.

The advantages are the first-person view (although the cockpit is such itself) and the conditional free of charge. If you still need something more serious, then save up money for MudRunner Mobile.

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