PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Heads Into The Future – New Mobile Game PUBG Announced: New State

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The Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds universe will expand with the release of a new mobile game. PUBG Studio has announced another Battle Royale project called PUBG: New State. Unlike PUBG Mobile, the action will unfold in the future, in 2051, which means that we will have fatalistic weapons and advanced gadgets.

The rules will remain the same – 100 people parachute on a large 8×8 km map and fight until only one player, or team is left. In the constantly narrowing Blue Zone conditions, it is necessary to look for weapons, vehicles, and consumables. The developers promise realistic graphics that “push the boundaries of mobile gaming” with various features and functions, including combat rolls and drones and much more.

The release date for PUBG: New State is still unknown, but you can already pre-register on the official website to receive a limited car skin as a reward.

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