PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – map: how to use, the most important places

image2 53 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - map: how to use, the most important places

Knowing the map and places pays off during a match. The choice of landing site and knowledge of the regions are crucial in the fight for survival.

How to use the card

If you want to bring up the map screen, use the M key. Using the mouse scroll, you can zoom in and out of the map to get familiar with the area. You can mark a point on the map, which will then appear on the compass on the main screen of the game. This is a useful feature as it helps you get to a place that was previously marked on the map.


It is recommended to use the mini-map, which is located in the lower right corner of the game screen. It shows the area in close proximity, and allows you to see the boundaries of the zones (white and blue lines) if they are close to your position. If you find yourself outside the safe zone, then the white dotted line will show you the direction in which you should move.

Characteristic places

There is no need to describe in detail each city located on the map. Of course, these places differ in the type and size of buildings, but they are similar to each other. Instead, individual parts of the map (regions) were described, along with terrain features, building sizes, or points of interest worth visiting.

Roshok and the area around the city [1] is the central location on the map and therefore the natural choice for many players to land. First of all, in the city and in the neighboring building, which, by the way, is the largest building on the map, you can find the necessary equipment. Secondly, this region – due to the location – is the best choice to start the game, because the easiest way is to go to the safe zone.

Girgopol [2] – these are two cities in which you will find a lot of equipment and a lot of competitors. Especially in Girgopol, which is one of the largest cities on this map. They are characterized by tall buildings (several floors). The choice of these cities as launch sites has some implications. First of all, many players decide to start the game in this location, so from the very beginning you will be fighting for survival.

Secondly, these cities are located in the corner of the map, so it will take you some time to get to the other end of the island if there is a safe zone there. Thirdly, while exploring Girgopol, you will always find interesting equipment that will help you arm yourself well and move around on land.

Gatka and the area south of Gatka [3] – This region is characterized by mountainous terrain, so it should be taken into account that crossing this place on the map will take longer than from other regions. Due to the small number of buildings, fewer players choose to land on this area.

Sosnovka Island and military base Sosnovka [4] – the island with the rest of the map connects two bridges. The military base and airport are located on the island itself. The area is quite open, with low buildings. When crossing the island from the mainland, you need to watch out for bridges, because opponents can hide there. You can use the boats that you can find on the beach.

Mylta and Myltinskaya HPP [5] These two places are close to each other. Therefore, beware of enemies who can see you.

Ruins of Stalber and surroundings [6] – the most deserted region, where meeting with another player is less likely than in other parts of the map. The city includes a very small number of buildings. The central point of this region is the ruins, which do not abound with a wealth of equipment, although you can find basic weapons there. As you explore the ruins, watch out for enemies that can kill you from a distance.

Pochinki [7A] and Polyana [7B] – two large cities adjacent to the central region, which makes them interesting – for initial research.

Northern [8A]Primorsky [8B] and Lipovsky [8C] – these are cities where you can find equipment, but are located far from the center of the map – especially Primorsk. When you leave these cities, it is worth taking the road where you will find vehicles and can get to the safe zone.


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