PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – TPP/FPP View, View Modes

The default camera used by players is the rear view. This gives you more options for observing the environment and navigating the game map, as well as allowing you to capture a wider view. It is worth taking advantage of the TPP camera when exploring open spaces, running and shooting.

The first-person view is especially useful when shooting and exploring indoors. When you know you’re in for a shootout, an FPP camera can help. The first person view will allow you to “get close” to the enemy because you will quickly spot your opponent.

What’s more, the FPP view makes it easier to see objects lying on the ground. Therefore, when searching in houses and other buildings, it is worth switching to the first-person camera.

You can switch the view at any time using the V key.

By holding the Alt key, you can inspect the character. Even though you can watch using the camera in first person, the best advantage comes from the third person view.

The third person view is especially useful when moving to the next location on the map. Run, hold the Alt key and watch the area, which is not only in front of you, but also behind you. Thus, you can – without losing pace and time – check what is happening behind your back.

You can also use the Alt key while parachuting. Before landing, you will be able to assess the situation and check the whereabouts of your opponents.

Dodging works the same way as in other FPP games. When approaching cover, you can lean left or right (using the Q and E keys). This skill is especially useful when using the first person camera. Standing behind cover, you can lean out and check if the enemy is hiding around the corner.

Standing position – the player’s default position. The crouching (C key) and prone (Z key) positions are especially useful when we know or anticipate the presence of an enemy and want to sneak up or hide.

Movement: walking, sprinting, sneaking

Walking is a way of getting around. Holding down the Shift key will make the character run. However, holding down the Ctrl key will put you in stealth mode.

It is worth remembering that while running, you will make noise, and your movements will be heard by opponents. However, when you squat, your steps will be harder to hear.

Shooting modes

Allows you to shoot without a scope, using only the cursor icon;

Zooming in (by holding down the right mouse button) – allows you to make a more accurate shot;

using weapon sights (holding and releasing the right mouse button) is the most accurate way to aim. Allows full use of weapon sights, including scopes and optical sights.


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