PlayStation 5 will not support 1440p resolution

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When connected to a monitor with this resolution, it will be upscaled to 1080p.

Preliminary information that the PlayStation 5 game console will support 1440p resolution turned out to be inaccurate. Unlike the Microsoft Xbox Series S consoles, for which the manufacturer itself has confirmed support for 1440p, which was present in previous models, the Sony PlayStation 5 will not be able to output the corresponding video signal. Of course, the PlayStation 5 can be connected to a display device rated for 1440p, but the console will output 1080p, scalable to 1440p with corresponding image quality compromises. However, this is nothing new Рthe PS4 Pro console also only supports 1080p and 4K resolutions, although a large number of its games work at 1440p.

The source reminds us that when connecting to a TV, as a rule, there will be no problems since the vast majority of TVs are 1080p or 4K. However, those who connect consoles to computer monitors, including many 1440p models, will be disappointed. The interests of such users of the manufacturer are less concerned.

We will remind you, the PlayStation 5 console will appear on the European market on November 19.

Source: WCCFtech

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