Pocket ZONE: How to stay alive in a game based on Stalker?

Viktor Tsoi on a wheezing radio, campfire gatherings, radiation and a broken barrel. This is real romance in the world of Stalker.

Pocket ZONE is a role-playing game with elements of survival. If you love the Strugatskys’ Roadside Picnic and GSC Game World projects, then you should definitely try Pocket ZONE. This is a hardcore game without much cues. At the start, you need to choose the appearance and class of the character – a soldier, a military man, a bandit or a scientist. As in the classic parts of Fallout, the starting set of characteristics depends on this.

The first location where the player finds himself is a camp with a fire and gatherings of stalkers. It is impossible to communicate with them, at least at first. In this place, you need to stock up on a pistol, a loaf of bread, medicines, water and go on raids. This requires a guide who charges a fee, plus the zones are broken down into difficulty levels.

A word of advice – do not choose a scientist, because he cannot even carry a gun with him. Also turn on the in-game radio, there are many stations in it, and Tsoi’s songs are played endlessly on Radio Union.

Pocket ZONE How to stay alive in a game based Pocket ZONE: How to stay alive in a game based on Stalker?

Damage types, item repairs and artifacts

There are four types of damage in Pocket ZONE: physical, chemical, radiation, and anomalous. The last type is the most dangerous, because of it you can die and lose all the equipment in your backpack. Also repair the durability of the guns, because if this indicator drops below 70%, the barrel will often wedge and this will lead to death. Well, do not rush to buy and collect the rarest equipment, as you will spend a lot of money on its repair.

The most valuable items in Pocket ZONE are artifacts. If you farm them, you can make a fortune. But remember that dying from this is easier than ever.

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