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MOBA in the Pokemon universe – sounds funny and logical at the same time. Pocket monsters are very different from each other and have unique abilities – why not try putting them into a game in one of the most popular genres on the planet? And so it appeared Pokemon unite, a kind of simplified version Dota 2 or League of legends, which captivates no less than world hits.

Pokemon league

We find ourselves on the island of Aios, where trainers arrange battles between Pokémon. To do this, use the mysterious energy that permeates the entire island – as soon as one Pokemon eliminates another, energy is collected in its ball, and it must be “surrendered” in one of the enemy zones in order to weaken the enemy’s defense. The squad with the most points wins.

Throw in the required amount of energy – the zone disappears, and you can move around the nearest area at normal speed. While it is active, Pokémon in enemy territory are greatly slowed down.

In normal mode, one map is available – a stadium, at different ends of which teams of five Pokémon appear. There are two lines – on the left side of the map your zones are located on them, on the right – enemy zones. There are also several connected paths in the center. We always start a match with a level 1 Pokémon, so at the start it is necessary to kill creeps in order to gain experience, energy and abilities – some Pokémon evolve during the match, others just become stronger without external changes.

You need to hurry, because sooner or later you will have to face other players. Everyone who understands the meaning of the game and has been trained strive to get to enemy zones in order to throw energy into them. The more it is in your inventory, the longer you need to hold down the corresponding button, and this is dangerous – you can be interrupted at any time. Plus, remember that a Pokémon standing inside its zone restores health, so it’s better to fight it away from it.

The maximum level of a Pokémon in a match is 15th.

The maximum level of a Pokémon in a match is 15.

Everyone will come in handy

Pokémon are not only divided into five types (attack, support, defense, versatility and speed), but they can also fight either close or at a distance. If you want to defend zones from advancing enemies, take the defender of the Snorlax – this strong fat man does good damage, and as he levels up, he can acquire a large shield that repels opponents. For those who like to be in the center of events, Zeraora is suitable – a very strong and fast Pokémon, capable of inflicting electrical damage in a small area, while simultaneously making normal attacks.

Wigglitaff is interesting in that its effectiveness depends on the use of the environment – you can greatly ruin the life of the enemy, pushing off the walls and constantly touching him.

At the beginning of the match, the Pokemon has only one move, and the second is unlocked a little later – they are activated by pressing R and ZR. There is also a standard attack. Upon reaching certain levels at the bottom of the screen, you can choose what to replace (or how to improve) this or that skill. For example, a charizard breathes fire for a short distance, and over time, its fire will reach targets located a little further. It will be possible to exchange this ability for a blow that knocks back enemies. Finally, in the second half of the match, the “ult” becomes available, which briefly makes the Pokémon especially strong – it can be used only a couple of times. All Pokémon have different abilities, and everyone will find a fighter to their liking.

In my case, my favorite Pokemon was found quickly – the zeraora, which is given to everyone at the release, is very good in any situation. But experimenting and playing with different creatures is not allowed here – since the game is shareware, it will not be possible to collect all the Pokémon soon. One is given to you for completing basic training, another is a zeraora (but after August 31 it will become paid), plus you can get a few more just by going to Pokemon unite everyday. But that’s not all – you can quickly buy a couple of Pokemon in the store for the accumulated money, and three more are available temporarily and periodically change – so that you can try them and buy them if you like them.

Sometimes it is better not to approach the zeraore.

Little, but overall enough. I can’t say that I once experienced a shortage of Pokémon, and the strongest of them (users have already reached an agreement on this) are cheaper than the rest. In two days, you will be able to save up for snorlax and eldegossa, which can easily be called the best in their categories. Although it is always a shame when your “main” is taken away at the character selection stage, there is no need to get upset, since playing for the rest of the Pokémon is no less fun.

One nuance

At the same time, with monetization in Pokemon unite they were so clever that at first I don’t even want to delve into it. The match launch screen shows two currencies – gold coins and paid gems – but there are actually many more. There are tickets that are spent on consumables and items in the store. There are fancy tickets needed to purchase some of the items of clothing. There are Holowear tickets that change the look of Pokémon – you can dress the machamp in beach shorts and attach a wreath to it. There are item enhancers …

This is where it is worth stopping, as these amplifiers have caused some unpleasant discussions about whether there is pay-2-win here. Pokémon can take things with them that improve their characteristics. Some increase the strength and attack speed, others increase health, and so on. The basic versions of these items are weak – it is difficult to notice the effect of them. But amplifiers make them noticeably more powerful. For example, there is a bandage that gives +1 to attack and +0% to attack speed. After pouring the accumulated amplifiers into it and bringing it to level 10, I got +5 to attack and +2.5% to speed, and this is not the limit – at the maximum, level 20, the indicators will be twice as high.

Although the game score is not displayed, teams are sometimes told that they have an advantage or are lagging behind.  If it is obvious that there is no need to suffer further, you can surrender by joint voting.

Although the game score is not displayed, teams are sometimes told that they have an advantage or are lagging behind. If it is obvious that there is no need to suffer further, you can surrender by joint voting.

Each Pokemon can be equipped with up to three items, and it is obvious that with three pumped items the character will be stronger than his “naked” version. It is hard to argue with the fact that this is pay-2-win – if you come across an enemy that deals more damage and is stronger in itself, it will become more difficult to emerge victorious.

A very unfortunate decision, especially considering that the game already has something to spend money on. If you don’t want to save up coins for Pokemon for a long time, you can pay. If you want to dress the coach in something special, the same is true. It was not without a battle pass (where, by the way, dozens of amplifiers are given for free), and its paid version also costs money. Moreover, the currency is not returned – after two months you have to pay again. Fortunately, there are really no normal awards there – cosmetic items for the trainer, no matter how cute they look, you will see only in the wardrobe and on the start screen, and basically the pass offers exactly them.

The most offensive & nbsp; is to invest a bunch of amplifiers in an item that is actually not very good.  Therefore, I recommend that you first read the tips of other players.

The most annoying thing is to invest a bunch of amplifiers in an item that is actually not very good. Therefore, I recommend that you first read the tips of other players.

Not all bad

It seems as if the developers themselves got confused in a bunch of currencies and did not notice the obvious problem with amplifiers. On the other hand, as with any pay-2-win, investing money does not guarantee a win. Firstly, you still need to learn how to play, and secondly, this is team fun, so a bad team is able to pull even the strongest coach to the bottom.

So far, I haven’t gotten into matches, after which I wanted to write an angry review about monetization and injustice – I have much more victories than defeats, including in rating mode. But over time, as users begin to better understand the game and pour money into it, the situation may worsen. Fortunately, the developers are beginning to suspect something – they published interview, in which you can indicate in one of the points that the game has a very intrusive monetization, which gives gameplay advantages. Maybe a check mark put by many will change something?

Sometimes it seems that in a match you alone did something.

Sometimes it seems that in a match you alone did something.

It seems that if there is pay-2-win, then it is obvious that you should not touch the game. But my hand does not rise to put a low mark – it was not for nothing that I sat in Pokemon unite for several days in a row (and will continue after the review), encouraging friends to download it. Most likely, the matter is in the duration of the matches – they last only ten minutes. Finding players takes less than a second, then another minute to choose Pokémon, and after only a quarter of an hour you can search for the next match. Everything is very fast, that’s why it’s exciting. Moreover, there is no need to wait for the rating mode – it becomes available after a few hours.

If you want even shorter matches, there is a “Quick Play” mode for that – there are fewer maps (and they differ from the main stadium), teams too (three or four people in each), and the time is reduced to five minutes. Basically, I go into this mode only for the sake of “daily”, but it is still commendable that already at this stage there is entertainment in addition to the standard five-on-five matches.

Currency and cosmetic items can also be obtained in & nbsp;

Currency and cosmetic items can also be obtained in the “gacha” – after every third or fourth match you will receive a reward.

If not for the controversial monetization, recommend Pokemon unite it would be easier – an unusual idea is well implemented, the gameplay is captivating, the Pokémon are adorable and diverse. But when you try to understand millions of currencies, your head starts to hurt. Hopefully, the situation with improvements for items will change so that you can praise the game without further explanation. It’s good and will surely be a hit when it hits mobile in September, but it could be made even better.

Pros: interesting idea and good implementation; Pokémon, as well as the ways of their development during the match, are quite diverse; addictive gameplay, also thanks to a very fast match search.

Minuses: monetization was too clever enough that it was not without pay-2-win.

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