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Poker Games with Wild Cards

A wild card is a card that, perhaps with some restrictions, can be used to stand in for another card that a player needs to complete a poker hand. As a result, better rating hands can be created more frequently, making the game more thrilling for some players. Some poker games have been played with a wild joker since the joker was included in the American deck in the 19th century. 

However, the 52-card deck’s deuces (twos) and one-eyed jacks (jacks depicted in profile with only one eye visible) are more frequently designated wild cards. Some variations include wild cards chosen as the deal progresses and could vary as additional cards are dealt. Are you interested in poker and looking for new ways to play? 

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K2 Draw Poker

5 card draw and five cards stud combined, played as a high-low split. Only in weak hands do kings turn crazy. Only in high hands are deuces wild. A king is a king, and a deuce is a deuce. Thus they can both be played as they are. Deal cards to begin the game, then play the standard five-card draw. The game changes to a 5-card stud variant following the draw.

Each player sets their cards to face down in a pile on the table in front of them, arranging them in any way they like. The position of the cards cannot be altered once that has been done. The first two cards of each player are exposed initially, and then cards 3, 4, and 5 are revealed one at a time. There is a round of betting in between each reveal.

It can be played with no statement since the cards speak. If the declaration is used, it must be made before the final card is revealed.

Wild Widow

Each player in this game is dealt 5 cards, 5 of which are face down. One card, chosen as the wild card for all players, is laid face up at the middle table before the decisive round. Three other cards of the same rank are wild as well. A draw is conducted after the initial wagers, after which the winner is determined.

Chase the Queen

A Seven Card Stud High game is called “Chase the Queen.” Queens are ferocious. When a Queen is dealt face-up, the card that comes after it and all others like it becomes Wild. Keeping track of which cards are Wild is made easier for everyone when the new Wild card is separated from a player’s other face-up cards. The next card is a Wild card if another Queen is dealt face-up. There could be up to 20 Wild cards if all four Queens are dealt face-up. There are no extra wild cards and no more face-up cards to be handled if the final card dealt is a Queen.

Variation: There can be eight wild cards in play at any given time during a hand because the new wild card can replace the old one.

Dirty Shorts

A Seven Card Stud High/Low split game is called Dirty Shorts. The title of the game is called “Dirty Schultz.” Even after repeating the term numerous times, one of our players who was calling the game, with his British accent, had us all believe he was saying Dirty Shorts, leading to the creation of our new moniker. The next-up card and all cards like it become Wild when a player is dealt a pair face up. The new card dealt after the second face-up natural pair replaces the Wild card. There are no Wild cards if a third natural pair is dealt face-up.


There are 8 wild cards in this well-known wild card poker game since the 9 and 3 are considered wild. The receiving player must equal the pot after receiving a 3 dealt face up or forfeit the round. The receiving player, however, receives an additional card face down when a 4 is dealt face up.


Similar to baseball. However, the 6s and 4s in this wild card poker game are designated as wild.

Additionally, if a 4 is dealt, the player must select whether to match the pot or withdraw, whereas a 2 deals the player an additional down card.


As you probably already guessed, the 5s and 7s are wild in this game of wild card poker. The distinction is that players who receive one of these wild cards must choose whether to match the pot or withdraw.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

With the following variations, deal and play just like a seven-card stud:

Put three cards in the middle of the table, face down. As outlined in the following, reveal them. After the fourth round of street betting, show one card. The “Good” card is the sole playable indicator. Hence there can only be a maximum of three wild cards. Any player with a card or cards of that rank in their hand may use it as a wild card.

A second card is revealed after the fifth street betting round. The is the card “When the “Bad” card is of the same rank as the “Good,” there cannot be wild cards; any player holding this card in their hand (up or down) must discard it, even if they obtain it later (e.g., on 6th or 7th street).

The last card is revealed following the sixth street betting round, the “Ugly.” Acting as a “death card,” it. Any hand in which the same rated card appears as an up card (rather than a down card) is dead and eliminated from the game. If a player still has a card at the showdown that ought to have been discarded (i.e., the rank of the “bad” card), their entire hand is determined bad. 

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