Pre-orders for unannounced Samsung Galaxy S21 opened in China

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Samsung has opened pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S21 series in China. You can do this on the official website… As expected, everything is written in Chinese. The slogan is “open your eyes to meet the future.” Having scanned the QR code, you will be transferred to the payment page, where you need to pay a symbolic 1,100 rubles and book one model for yourself. It should be noted that Samsung does not speak directly about the expected model. Instead, we get the phrase “Samsung’s first 5G flagship of 2021”.

The most interesting thing is the promotion that Samsung is running. It turns out that 21 lucky ones will receive the upcoming flagship as a gift and will not have to pay the full amount for it. The only question is, will Samsung return the symbolic 1,100 rubles?

If you believe the insiders, then the Galaxy S21 line’s announcement is worth waiting for on January 14, 2021. Real pre-orders will start after the announcement. Check out the technical specifications of the Galaxy S21 Ultra in our previous newsletter.

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