Pre-registration for Arc the Lad R from Boltrend Games has begun, the legendary jRPG is in a hurry to smartphones

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Remember Arc the Lad? This is a major jRPG that first came out on the PlayStation 1 in 1995. The original part was followed by a sequel in 1996. Both parts gave players the ability to choose where to direct the attack. Arc the Lad’s critics have gone. Now, more than 20 years later, the project is returning, only now to the mobile plane. Title – Arc the Lad R. According to the plot, half of the world was covered by the ocean. Ten years after this cataclysm came a boy named Halt (local Link).

Players will experience turn-based battles and vertical gameplay. We will collect very rare characters (gacha), plus pump them over. There will be more than 50 of them at the start. In addition to PvE, there is also PvP content. Each class (yes, heroes are divided into classes) has its own unique equipment.

Arc The Lad R will be released on iOS and Android. According to the App Store, the release will take place on May 11th. It will be a shareware project with microtransactions. There will be no Russian localization. A little more information about the game can be found at official website (careful, English).

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