Pre-registration for Boom Karts is open: like Mario Kart Tour, only without donation wall

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Remember Mario Kart Tour? This is the mobile part of racing with Mario and other Nintendo characters. The problem is that at the very beginning they are forced to create an account and pay not small amounts (normal for Japan). So, indie developers are preparing something similar called Boom Karts. Here, too, third-person racing, as well as boxes with abilities scattered around the track. The game has different locations: tropical, industrial, medieval and so on.

The emphasis is on PvP encounters; along with this, the question arises: “How many players will be at the start to support online?” We will have bombs, soap, hot peppers and so on in our arsenal. The developers promise thoughtful gameplay: there is a counterattack for every attack. Maps and racers can be customized and pumped. Gradually we will find blueprints for new maps.

Boom Karts will be released on iOS and Android. No release date, pre-registration is available via Google Play. It will be a shareware project with ads and microtransactions.

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