Pre-registration for Glitter Star Nucleus from NetEase Games is open, what is it?

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NetEase Games showed us a lot of new things during the NetEase Connect 2021 online presentation. It turned out that this is not all, at least for Chinese gamers. You see, a Chinese video game publisher is on another project; its name is Glitter Star Nucleus. So far, there is little information on it: the developers have released a CGI trailer with typical Asian characters. They run around the world and explore it. Elements of survival, cutting down trees and collecting plants await us.

Glitter Star Nucleus features hunting animals with a regular bow, as well as the creation of racing cars of the future. They are made in the Japanese way – a futuristic design and a lot of guns. There will be real bases and battlefields that hang in the air. Well, we are confronting an incomprehensible Evil. If you believe the description for the game, then gamers will go through several eras: from the Stone Age to the Industrial Revolution and beyond (hello, Civilization).

Glitter Star Nucleus will be released on iOS and Android in 2022. Now you can pre-register through TapTap… Probably it will be a shareware project with all that it implies.

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