Pre-registration for MMORPG Traha Infinity is open

Publisher Moai Games has launched early registration for Traha Infinity. When is the release date and where?

Traha Infinity is a mobile MMORPG that is going to surprise players with cool features like capturing territories and collecting tribute from heroes, as well as going through dungeons with AFK friends (yes, this is now a reality). According to the App Store, the launch of the game is scheduled for February 9th in South Korea. Now you can pre-register. Subscribe, because we will post the file for sure.

At launch, Traha Infinity will have the following classes: warrior, sorceress, assassin, and reaper. After leveling up on the main quests, they will be able to participate in raids and dungeons. The developers will also offer several PvP locations. By the way, one of the bosses is the spitting image of Sauron from The Lord of the Rings. As befits new projects, Moai Games has prepared generous rewards and opportunities. For example, even offline, your hero will level up and receive materials.

App Store (South Korea)

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