Pre-registration for Ragnarok Begins from Gravity has begun

MMORPG Ragnarok Begins is open for pre-registration. How is it different from the previous parts?

In May, publisher Gravity announced that it would release Ragnarok Begins by the end of the year. This is a “cross-platform MMORPG”, so maybe we will see the launch on the PC via emulators. Now pre-registration has been opened for the game on TapTap and some users have already expressed their dissatisfaction with the “conveyor” of the franchise.

By the way, it turns out that the Ragnarok Begins had a CBT in the past months, so we can look at the gameplay. It is isometric, with anime graphics similar to the Nintendo 3DS. As befits the genre, we will add the found loot to the encyclopedia, complete achievements and receive gifts for this. Auto-pilot works not only in cities, but also during the passage of dungeons. The main thing during battles is to fill combo, thanks to this, damage increases.

So far, players complain that they have to grind at later levels. For example, daily quests open from level 30, so you need to farm mobs from 28 to 30. As for the release of Ragnarok Begins, there is not even an approximate date. If you look at the calendar, it becomes clear that the project may not be released in 2021.

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