Pre-registration for the city-building simulator Canal Towns is open

Studio Littoral Games opened the pages for Canal Towns. This is an unusual strategy, the release of which is scheduled for June.

Canal Towns is a mobile project that will launch on iOS and Android on June 16th. It will happen in Japan, there is no information about the global release. We expect vertical gameplay, and the ability to build a typical medieval oriental city. By the way, Canal Towns has been available in China since July 2020. The project is distinguished by graphics, which seem to be handmade by ancient artists. We will probably do whimscitizens, receiving coins for this to improve buildings and the city itself.

According to the description in Tap Tap, there will be no barbarian attacks or city sieges in Canal Towns. Instead, players will be able to observe the life of the townspeople, only here the buildings differ in rarity level and if you want to get SSR, then you need to pre-register. The total number of gamers determines what rewards everyone will receive after the official launch of the servers.

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