Pre-registration for the Claw Stars arcade about space hamsters is open

If you love space arcade games, then check out Claw Stars. This is a mobile game about hamsters. The plot is as follows: thousands of animals were sent into space for experiments. They fell into a wormhole and went through many stages of evolution. As a result, the hamsters became smart, but when they returned to their universe, they saw that all the animals were in capsules. They must be freed. The gameplay is as follows: we arrive at the location, collect the capsules and open them. As we progress through we discover new views.

There are online items that are similar to King of Thieves. For example, we can attack a friend base and steal gold. Over time, we open up new spaceships, as well as claws for capturing capsules. The game is divided into planets, those into levels. The graphics are cute and cartoonish. The project is definitely being done for the younger generation, but there are questions to donate.

Claw Stars will be released on iOS and Android. According to the App Store, it will happen on June 2nd. It will be a shareware project with ads and microtransactions. There will be no Russian localization.

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