Pre-registration for the global version of Blue Archive is open

Nexon, as promised, has launched a pre-registration stage for the global version of the mobile RPG Blue Archive. You can register on the official website in order to receive awards after the official release, the number of which depends on the number of participants in the event:

  • 100,000 – Pyroxene x200, Credit x150,000
  • 200,000 – Pyroxene x400
  • 300,000 – Pyroxene x800
  • 500,000 – ★ 2 Mutsuki x1

It is also possible to register in the Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS) stores. This will allow you to receive an additional 50,000 credits.

As of now, the exact date for the global release of the Blue Archive has yet to be announced.

[Blue Archive] Animation PV_Full ver.

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