Pre-registration of Valiant Force 2 on smartphones has begun

Developer XII Braves has launched a page on Google Play for Valiant Force 2. The game is waiting for PvE and PvP modes, as well as events.

Valiant Force 2 is a mobile RPG with turn-based battles and anime style. As users say Redditdespite the number in the title, this is actually the third part of this franchise: at first there was Valiant Forcethen Shining Beyond, and now Valiant Force 2. At the same time, the characters will be the same, and even more so, the previous parts have already been closed.

Valiant Force 2 will be released on iOS and Android, although pre-registration is only available on the second platform. Developers promise a classic jRPG-style combat system, professions and customization of the hero. By the way, this time the battles will take place on much more extensive fields.

Of course, the fun will not stop at PvE – the developers of Valiant Force 2 have provided PvP modes, and it will be necessary not only to put up your fighters, but in general destroy enemy aircraft. Well, you can collect additional materials in exclusive events that will expand the history of this fantasy world, as well as introduce you to both old and new characters.

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