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Preload, Early Access, and Release – Diablo IV Exact Launch Schedule Revealed

Blizzard has shared a detailed launch schedule for the isometric Action RPG Diablo IV. It became known exactly when it will be possible to download the client and when the servers will be turned on.

Diablo IV Launch Schedule:

  • Preload – May 31 (02:00 UTC)
  • Early Access for Ultimate Edition Owners – June 2 (02:00 UTC)
  • Release – June 6 (02:00 UTC)

The developers are also going to launch the Twitch Drops event, which allows you to receive rewards for watching streams. The promotion will begin on June 5, 2023 and will run for four weeks, offering new rewards every week.

In addition, Blizzard has released a new live action trailer for Diablo IV with live action, which we’ve attached below.

Diablo IV | Launch Live Action Trailer

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