Prince of Persia appears at AFK Arena: new refund code and test drive for three days

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“Most people believe that time is a river that always flows in the same direction.” This is a beloved quote from the young prince from Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. This character has now appeared in AFK Arena. It can be added to your collection until July. This is a premium hero, so get your crystals ready. If not enough, then be sure to subscribe to AFK Arena and do not miss new lists of promo codes. One of them, by the way, is expecting news at the end.

Prince of Persia can be checked out for free for three whole days. The character deals a lot of damage, he also heals with the help of the Sands of Time. Recently there was an update for AFK Arena. The developers have added new skins for Isolde and Lorsan. Plus we got a new chapter of the campaign. In addition, the guys from Lilith Games have lowered the difficulty on floors 800-850 of the King’s Tower; now the maximum number of floors is 900.

New and working refund code for AFK Arena

  • princeofpersia – 500 crystals, 500 hero essence and 500,000 gold

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