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Prodeus download torrent

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Prodeus download the torrent of the game, which is still in early access. It’s an old-school shooter, with retro combat, constant killing and lots of gore. If you are a big fan of such fighters, in the spirit of DOOM or Quake, then welcome. The game stands out among others for the quality of the picture and the way it is drawn. He’s unusual here. To develop designs, special professionals were invited, who managed to make a completely unique game. Pick up a weapon and start fighting against various enemies. This is still early access, but soon the developers promise to release a full-scale version. This game was created with the support of the Kickstarter online service.

Story line

Prodeus is an ordinary shooter, very reminiscent of similar games of the late 90s and early 2000s. The view of the camera from the first person, a lot of missions and constant shooting – this is what this action movie stands out for. Come into the game and start going through an exciting single-player storyline created for one person. And for those who consider themselves a creative person, a special level editor was created in the game. Engage in the creation of your mission, and then invite friends and “drive” on your own created location. Although there are enough of them in the game. Despite the fact that this is still a demo version, the territories here are huge and already qualitatively drawn. As we understand, after the large-scale release of the original version, the game will be completely transformed. Well, we are waiting, but for now we enjoy what we have. The levels seem to be endless. And they are all very similar to each other. There are many enemies, they are diverse, each in its own way unique and original. Destroy enemy monsters by killing them with a variety of weapons. It can be a machine gun, a machine gun, a bazooka, a grenade launcher or a simple grenade. Do not worry about the lack of ammunition, they are always present here. Even when one type of weapon has run out of ammo, switch to another and start fighting, effectively shooting back from opponents. This is a cool shooter that will bring many back to the nostalgic past. Of course, there are no modern features here, but those who download such games do not need this. If you want to feel that excitement and atmosphere again, then download the Prodeus torrent and start playing a great game.

Game process

Inside, the game looks attractive, despite all its shell. Of course, we are waiting for a full-scale release, but even now we can draw preliminary conclusions. This is a dynamic shooter with constant shooting. You will not even have time to take a break from the battle, you are always at work. Attack opponents or wait for them to attack you. Use the most powerful and unique weapons against opponents unimaginable in size and strength. There will be a sea of ​​them here, as well as the blood left behind them. Aesthetic images in 3D graphics fit perfectly into the overall concept of the shooter. But the game’s biggest plus is the visuals. They are simply unimaginable here. The soundtrack was created by Andrew Halshalt himself – a famous composer who worked on DOOM and Quake. Actually, this game is just like them. However, there are many secrets in the game that need to be revealed. Achieve victory over the enemy by eradicating all evil from the fictional world.

Prodeus Features

  • interesting story;
  • exciting gameplay;
  • the game is similar to DOOM;
  • numerous levels;
  • constant release of updates;
  • gorgeous soundtrack;
  • 3D graphics;
  • built-in level editor.

Download the Prodeus torrent if you have been planning to play something similar for a long time.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: 2GHz 4-core
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Video card: GTX 580
  • Hard Disk Memory: 4GB


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