Profile, Shop, Collections and More – What’s on the Ethereal: Clash of Souls Main Menu

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Ethereal: Clash of Souls third-person MOBA creators have posted a video detailing the main menu. It is subdivided into several sections responsible for certain functions.

In the start screen, players can start searching for a match or navigate to four relevant points. In the pre-alpha version, this is a set of skins, the latest blog post from the developers, a page on Kickstarter and a page on the official website.

The Profile tab shows the player’s statistics, including the number of wins, losses, first bloods, kills, and so on. In Loadout, it is allowed to pre-create a build for each character. Collection contains information about all heroes, as well as achievements when playing for them. Learn various video tutorials for beginners can be found.

Not without an in-game store. The Store tab is split into several more sub-tabs:

  • Featured – Developer Suggestions (not shown)
  • Announcers – Replace the default match announcer for premium currency
  • Bundles – Bundles with premium currency
  • Myths – Heroes for in-game or premium currency
  • Skins – Skins for premium currency
  • Portraits – Profile portraits (not shown)

At the moment, nothing is known about the timing of the launch of Ethereal: Clash of Souls.

Ethereal: Clash of Souls

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