The co-founder of IO Interactive (the latest Hitman series), Hakan Abrak, was interviewed by a Danish publication. There he shared a little more information about Project 007, a James Bond video game. For example, it will not be based on famous films, so the likelihood of seeing some Daniel Craig tends to zero. In general, getting permission to create a game for this franchise is an impossible mission. The developers had to talk about their idea for about an hour, and in the end, they were given the green light. In part, this is due to the excellent Hitman trilogy: working on another secret agent will not be difficult.

For now, Hakan admits that IO Interactive is not ready to fully work on Project 007, so within a year the number of employees will increase from 200 to 400. Plus the developer will open another studio in Sweden. Some are already prophesying a trilogy for Bond.

The information has been translated from Danish by McNum with ResetEra… There is still no data on supported platforms. On teaser, the website sees vacancies to work on Project 007.

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