Project Breach is Rainbow Six at minimum salaries

The shooter Project Breach is available on Android. It is necessary to carry out military operations using stealth or with a gun at the ready.

Project Breach is a mobile shooter that is available for Android gamers. In terms of mechanics and general surroundings, it resembles Rainbow Six. For example, we are given various tasks to destroy the militants, after which we need to decide how to neutralize them. Those who have played note that the game has stealth, although it still needs to be finalized. Enemies patrol the area, but their intelligence is minimal.

Project Breach has a cat hook for tactful movement, different types of grenades, and even night vision goggles. By the way, despite the stupidity of the enemy, it will not work to complete missions like in Call of Duty – bullets quickly take down. To win, you need to choose the class of the operator, the firearm and the attachment for him. The levels also vary from time of day to difficulty level. Of the minuses, you can see the mediocre graphics and the lack of online features.

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