Protect The Realm: The early launch of the card game has started, what’s new?

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One Up Plus studio is working on a second card game for smartphones, this time – Protect The Realm. This is an interesting alternative to popular projects like Hearthstone, Gwent and so on. The fact is that the graphics are cartoon, and the battles are a siege of the castle. In training, we will defend ourselves, and our tower consists of three floors. At the very top is our hero; he has a lot of damage and health. On the bottom are our units, as well as enemies. In this case, the first area on the left, and the second – on the right.

Adding complexity is that a maximum of three cards can be placed on one side. Plus, enemy units move higher if there is room, eventually reaching our commander. Spells do not take up space on floors and are applied to a separate card. There are three factions to choose from, and you can change the difficulty level. In general, fans of “non-standard” card games will come.

An early version of Protect The Realm is already available on Android. Apparently, this is a free project. The iOS version is still unknown.

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