Published a new trailer for Shadow’s Kiss – an indie MMORPG with vampires

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Since 2018, Clockwork Throne has been publishing quite a bit of news about the MMORPG Shadow’s Kiss, and it seemed like production was on hold. However, development seems to have progressed, albeit slowly. The project has already been published on Steam and along with this, the authors posted a new gameplay trailer.

Unfortunately, if you expected to see something worthwhile, then here you are forced to disappoint. The graphics look outdated, the interface has a mobile look, the FPS is quite low and you can see flaws everywhere. True, closer to the release, the developers promise to release a “normal” trailer and let’s hope that most of the minuses will be fixed.

Shadow’s Kiss is an indie MMORPG with vampires and adult content. The developers from the Clockwork Throne studio decided to revive the almost forgotten genre and release a game in which the modern metropolis will become the home of vampires, where they will compete with each other for control of the territories and the people living on them. The game is expected to be released in 2022, in early access. Until then, beta tests will take place and if you want to get there, you need to send an email to marked [Beta-tester].

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