Published the first album with the soundtrack shooter Project D

Korean studio Nexon has published the first album with the soundtrack of the shooter Project D, called ORIGINAL GAME SOUND TRACK Vol.1. The collection contains 16 different tracks from the game, including the theme from the lobby and the music of various characters. The complete list is the following:

  1. Unknown Lobby (Lobby Theme)
  2. Put away any doubts (Tyrone Theme)
  3. Infinite Challenge
  4. Last One (Dmitry Theme)
  5. Addictions (Simon Theme)
  6. Escape
  7. The Opposite of death (Soy Theme)
  8. Burn (Jack Theme)
  9. I’m Just One (Youngsik Theme)
  10. The mire of Betrayal
  11. Struggle (Juggernaut Theme)
  12. Mystery Puzzle (Luna Theme)
  13. Harsh times
  14. Revenge of Return (Nicki Theme)
  15. One by one (Lily Theme)
  16. Nothing Lasts Forever (Dark Theme)

You can download the entire album from this link.

Recall that the first closed beta testing of Project D on Steam will be held in May.

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