Punch Club download torrent For PC

Punch Club download torrent For PC Punch Club download torrent For PC

Punch Club download torrent

Size: 0.128 GB | Seeds: 374 Lychees: 37

Punch Club download torrent arcade simulator with pixel art. This is an interesting adventure game, a kind of manager of a street fighter, who must prepare daily for future martial arts and participate in combat competitions. Defeat various opponents, increasing your power and reputation before other battles. Train the main character, arrange his personal life, do something else besides the competition and become a world famous fighter.

Story line

The plot of the game is extremely simple, but interesting. You control an amateur fighter who is trying to become a professional. You have a lot of opportunities and time for this to create a real killer from a fighter. Train to the last drop of sweat, squeezing all the juice out of the protagonist. Become the one who can defeat the professional fighters who now occupy the entire pedestal of respect. You will move up the career ladder, reaching the maximum level of martial art. Learn various techniques, tricks, combinations to use all this at international competitions. Spend all your free time in the training room in order to become one of the most powerful fighters in the world. We are sure you will succeed. Soon you will be able to adequately represent yourself in competitions and even win. Get experience points and additional perks for victories that will help you better prepare for future competitions. However, there is a script here. And he’s quite interesting. The protagonist has his own unique story, which tells about the father of the protagonist, who was brutally murdered in the past. Now the main character wants to avenge his father and find those who did it. When dad was killed, GG was still very small, so he could not do anything. Although the enemies performed this action right in front of the child. The main character will have to fight on the spot all the opponents who were involved in this, but in a professional ring, and not somewhere in the alley. These are strong fighters, they are powerful, hardy, so do not think that this will be a cakewalk. Download Punch Club torrent and go through the whole game from A to Z.

Game process

The game is an arcade simulator with a lot of interesting missions and additional tasks. The game has a coherent narrative scenario. as well as a bunch of videos. This is a 2D arcade game where you control a fighter who wants to become a pro. Destroy all the opponents who once killed your father, and take the first place on the pedestal of respect. You have to fight your way to the top, so count and rely only on yourself. Create the main character, choose his appearance, select unique talents and develop them in every possible way. The game is made in the style of traditional action movies of the 90s. The graphics are 2D, but they don’t look like indie. It is made of sufficient quality and soundly, so that any gamer will be pleased to play and enjoy the battles. The style of martial arts can be chosen independently. The battles are conducted by the player, so you yourself can use the tricks and combinations that, in your opinion, will destroy the opponent. Combine several schools of martial arts into one and kill opponents on a conditional battlefield.

Punch Club Features

  • fascinating fighter manager;
  • development of the main character;
  • choice of martial arts school;
  • unique combos, tricks;
  • improving skills. talents;
  • constant fights in the ring;
  • trainings and interesting competitions.

You need to download the Punch Club torrent right now, and without any excuses.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Free hard disk space: 500 MB


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