Puzzle Railbound will be released in early September

The developers of Railbound announced that the game will launch on September 6th. It will happen on both PC and smartphones.

Railbound is a wonderful puzzle game with cartoony graphics and easy to understand gameplay even with minimal training. You have to deliver the trolleys to the head car, so that they arrive in the correct order. We talked about Railbound in more detail in the previous news, you can also find an early version for Android there.

Railbound will cost approximately 449 rubles, now the game can be pre-ordered on iOS, Android and PC. The full version will not have Russian localization, but it is not needed, since there is practically no text in the game besides the main menu. In total, the project will offer more than 100 levels, possibly made by hand. We expect the developers to add even more challenges in future updates.

Difficulty in Railbound increases gradually, and even ardent haters of puzzles will find local gameplay relaxing thanks to the general setting, soundtrack and intelligible rules of the game.

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