Quake 4 download torrent For PC

Quake 4 download torrent For PC GTA III - Criminal Organizations

Quake 4 download torrent

Size: 1.99GB | Hand out: 140 Download: 2

Distinctive features

  • The toy does not sag at maximum settings.
  • The use of a large number of light and colorful locations, due to an upgrade in the quality of light and shadow.
  • There are huge open territories where battles with enemy mechanisms take place.
  • An excellent design solution and content levels that fully meet the technological component.
  • To make the toy more interactive, they still use small video inserts. At such moments, we lose control, and the creators bring us up to date.
  • Quake 4 cannot boast of too smart rivals, download via torrent to make sure for yourself. Despite this, the actions of ill-wishers fit perfectly into the overall situation, and their types of attacks.
  • In the course of the passage, it is possible to find and raise a first-aid kit and armor. Sometimes the health bar and the shield are restored by teammates: doctors and engineers. In addition, the paratroopers walking nearby show unbearable fire support.


The plot is based on the continuation of the collision of people with an alien race of Stroggs. We have to try on the role of Captain Matthew Kane. It all started a couple of weeks after the end of the second part. The generals of the Earth Federation, having learned about the discontent behind enemy lines, decided not to miss the chance to send another army, the task of which is complete elimination. On the approach to the atmosphere, the spaceship is knocked out, but our hero survives. Now he must sneak into the core and blow up the enemy communications center. The ill-wishers have gathered all their will into a fist and are resisting. They are strong, armed and prepared.

Our character makes his way through the underground complex, and becomes an observer as the slammed and reinforced door begins to buckle from someone’s blows. Her comrades accumulate, taking up defensive positions. I want to know what will happen, but there is no time.

And now a new wave throws Matthew into the fortifications. On the one hand, the Strogg castle, on the other, earthlings going on the attack. A bloody massacre is unfolding in front of us, and we cannot understand what is the matter. Single passage is not welcome, so we will be surrounded by associates. I would like to download that waging war together in Quake 4 is much more interesting, like-minded people act quite skillfully, and the levels are designed in such a way that you can always develop a cunning plan, download via torrent if you want to try your hand at strategy.

System requirements

  • Microsoft(r) Windows(r) XP/Vista/7
  • Processor Pentium(r) 4 3.0 GHz or Athlon(tm) XP 2000+
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 3 GB of free hard disk space (plus 400 MB for Windows virtual memory)
  • 16-bit sound card fully compatible with DirectX(r) 9.0c
  • Fully DirectX(r) 9.0c compliant 3D accelerator graphics card with 256 MB VRAM
  • DirectX version: 9.0c
  • Keyboard and mouse


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