Rage 2 – Map: Broken Road

The Broken Pathway is a desert area located north of the starting point.

You can also open the map in a second window or download it to disk.

Ark in the Great Rift (#2 on the map)

The ark is located at the end of the camp under the control of the enemies.

The last part of the camp is dominated by enemies. You will find it on the way to the ark.

Guard gas station (No. 3 on the map)

In one of the buildings at the station. The chest is next to the wall on the right side of the entrance.

Aperture (No. 5 on the map)

You can find it on the ground floor in the building where the bandits were hiding. He is on the right.

Nora on the hill (No. 9 on the map)

The Datapad is on a counter in front of the entrance to the building.

Datapad (#10 on the map)

It lies on one of the wooden boxes.

The body of the guard (#12 on the map)

To get to the body of the guard, go to the roof of the building, find the opening through which you get inside, and then jump into the basement. The body will be on a chair by the computer.

The Ark on Shaky Hill (#14 on the map)

To get to the ark, keep walking forward. At some point, you will reach a bridge that will collapse. Move until you hit the black balls – when they explode, they throw the main character and the surrounding objects up. Use one of these orbs to get to the higher platform from where you will reach the ark.

Once you’ve gained the skill, start heading back through the rooms to where the bridge collapsed. The chest will be on the left.


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