Raid on Belakis in Lost Ark is available on Mythic difficulty

MY.GAMES has released the “Age of Temptations” update for the Russian version of the MMORPG Lost Ark. It has added a new Mythic Difficulty Raid to Belakis, available for a team of 8 players with an Equipment Rating of 1460 or higher. You can get there through the stele of Lord Fetrania, located in large cities, and the number of attempts is not limited.

In battles, Belakis uses modified attacks from Normal and Heroic difficulties, and raid participants cannot see the amount of her remaining health. The effects of food and pets are not available. One of the distinguishing features during the passage is the Harmony mode, in which the players’ equipment levels are balanced.

As a reward for completing the raid on Mythic difficulty, you will receive the Seal of Temptation and the unique title “Assassin Belakis”. You can also unlock several unique achievements, including one for winning without a single death.

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